Turmeric- a gift from heaven.

Turmeric has been documented in naturopathy for around 5000 years and is now the subject of several thousand studies! The small tuber, also known as "yellow ginger" or "turmeric", has done it to scientists all over the world. Turmeric gives the curry its yellow color and is naturally widely used in India and other Asian countries in the kitchen and natural medicine. Especially the ingredient "curcumin", but also the other substances are in the focus of science.

I would like to go into 2 great health effects from the many studies, namely pain reduction (e.g. for back pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, etc.) and the protection of the brain (e.g. against dementia).

1. Pain massively reduces the quality of life and has a negative effect on the emotional experience. However, a study showed that in rheumatoid arthritis the administration of 500 mg curcumin / day after 8 weeks the pain was better than after 50 mg diclofenac / day. In fact, combining the two was the most successful approach. (Chandran et al., 2012).

2. The scientists Dr. Greg M. Cole and Dr. Sally A. Frautschy of the University of California published a study in the Society for Neuroscience. They were able to prove that curcumin effectively breaks down neurodegenerative processes (such as in dementia), the formation of plaques and inflammation.

A number of studies could still be mentioned, because the range of applications is large. However, it always depends on the quality of the products as well as on individual needs. Because real turmeric in organic quality brings added value for the cells. But more and more synthetic turmeric is being sold on the market, which I can only advise against.

Stay healthy and strong!

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